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Hurricane Relief Fund – Chris Young Foundation

The Chris Young Foundation is accepting donations on top of his own generous $100K donation to be distributed to the Red Cross and other disaster relief organizations.

Blues Insights is making a donation – and helping spread the word about this opportunity. It’s a helpless feeling to watch this devastation and feel like there is nothing you can do from here. But money does help in a situation like this – absolutely no matter what amount. Let’s pitch in for Texas and our fellow Americans in need.

Other avenues for donations can be found at Charity Navigator

Check out this NPR story for even more places to donate and other ways to help, like donating blood.

You Caring  is raising money also. So there are many, many places to do something about the devastation you are seeing on the live coverage of events.

Now, if you are a musician or band and you having a fundraiser for Hurricane relief, please contact me (Peggy Stevinson Bair) and I will post your fundraiser event on my pages to help broadcast your event.

God Bless Texas and the amazing people who are down there live and in person to help. Think if something happened disastrous to you and your community like this. You know those people in Texas would be generous with you, because that’s the kind of people they are down there. So, this time, it’s their turn. I’m sure we, here, will do what each of us can for them.